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  • The shortlisted candidate is called for a screening interview with our selection panel.
  • A number of guidelines and criteria are carefully put in place to select the best faculty in the teaching industry.
  • Each application from is looked into with great detail and a thorough background check of the candidate is done.
  • Every selected candidate has to undergo an exhaustive Q & A session with the head of the school.
  • The short-listed candidate has to qualify a written aptitude test and demonstrate his teaching skills in order to judge his/her core competencies.
  • Each candidate is screened through a unique recruitment policy in which the interview panel looks for crucial competencies and resources while appointing a teacher.
  • The selected candidate should possess some invaluable qualities like: good understanding of the instructional methodology, a team player, display leadership skills and should be totally dedicated to the cause of “Excellence in Education and All-Round Development”.
  • At Arjun we believe that good learning is majorly dependent upon the quality and competency of the staff members. Hence the institution formulates a deeper understanding of the teacher selection process.

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